Our Lab

Over our 95 years, we are fortunate to have built a reputation for quality and speed. We know that, for the needs of a modern practice, these two concepts must exist together in order to meet the demands of a more informed, and more marketed to, patient base.

The Technology

Especially with today’s digital lens designs, having the right technology in-house is very important. McLeod has made the necessary investment in the digital lens processing, antireflective no glare processing, edging and finishing equipment necessary to deliver the very best in products to our clients. We are automated where it makes sense and we have stayed “hands on” when appropriate.

The People 

Even with all the advances made in lab equipment technology, it is the individual operators of that equipment that allow us to take maximum advantage of the benefits of that technology. We are most proud of our people and the expertise they bring to our lab. We have several lab employees that have decades of experience with MacLeod and have had the sons and daughters of employees come to work with us also. This depth of experience is then transferred out to other employees to maintain a wealth of knowledge that few labs have ever achieved.