Online Ordering

Yes, we still take orders over the phone and by fax, but online orders are automatically entered into our lab managmenent system and provide advantages for your practice that include: 

  • Greater accuracy
  • Place orders anytime
  • Quicker turn-a-round time

We accept online orders through DVI RxWizard, Visionweb and Eyefinity and our preferred method is the DVI system.

Order via DVI RxWizardOrder via VisionwebOrder via Eyefinity

The DVI system integrates with many popular practice management systems for ease-of-use. To get set up to use DVI, please contact Matt Carroll by email at or by calling customer service at the lab. Once set up you can download the DVI plug-in by clicking here.  For full instructions on setting up RxWizard, click here for for the pdf.